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Clearing negative energy out of your house

Clearing the negativity out of your home is easier than most will think. It also depends on the "degree" of negativity in your house, as well as the power and energy the person cleaning their house has. If this doesn't work, or doesn't work well enough I can come to your home and help you clean out what you cant remove your self.

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Its pretty basic.
Holy water (go to a Catholic church, they will have a bowl of it , take a small container with you) Dip your fingers in the water, and splash water from your fingers on all side the walls inside of your home in the shape of a cross. All the while saying a special prayer demanding the darkness and negativity leave. Also a good idea to do this to every entrance to your home, and window for extra protection. You don't need a lot of holy water, but must splash from your fingers while you make a symbol of "power" to you, (even an X if your determined can be a powerful symbol)

what else you need
a few white candles (blessed are better)
olive oil (clary sage oil, dragons blood oil, or blessed oil)
sage and incense
sea salt

First, take a bath in sea salt water. (yes, SEA SALT) Soak for while, and make sure you immerse yourself in the tub. Rinse yourself off, and proceed to the candles. (this cleans any negative energy off your person) Each take a quick shower first, then fill the tub with warm water and lots of sea salt, and each of you get in and make sure to be completely covered in it) Then start the rest

Get white candles, you need to anoint them with extra virgin olive oil. I do this by closing my eyes, I say the lords prayer (what ever prayer you feel strongest about, and to what ever power you believe in...EI: Saints or any deities) Faith and belief has its own power and that is the power that will clear the negative out of your way. Everyone should be holding white candles (how ever many are taking part in the clearing)

Take a small amount of Olive oil and rub it on your palms, just enough so you can transfer a small amount to the candle without soaking it so it wont burn right. You can use what ever size of white candle you want. Non Scented is best.Each candle is held in both hands, and the prayer is said while you rub the olive oil over the candle. You can ad any extra to your prayer, I usually ad "To my guides, to the ascended Masters, any universal spirits who are listening, please clear any negative energy away from me so I may move forward in light, that I may drop all negative thoughts, and be allowed to heal and be the being of Light I am meant to be. Protect me from any negative thoughts others may send my way. Allow any positive energy that is sent my way to bless me, any negative energy sent, may it be sent back to it original source, and not allowed to touch me. Clear my home, so only light exits. I ask for protection from all that loves me, and I only send positive thoughts and wishes to all around me. Clear my home, keep the light, and chase any darkness from my home, and any corners in it..

The prayer you say you will again repeat soon.

Light the candles. and carry one, or two with you, also carry something with the sage, a metal dish you can burn the sage in. You need the smoke, and walk through your house room by room starting in the lowest rooms and farthest from the main entrance, constantly repeat your prayer, you will notice at times you may forget the prayer you have chosen, that's ok, every time you forget it, start over (the negative energy will try and stall your thinking) make sure that some smoke gets into closets and corners, finish on the main level and as you walk, push the energy right out your front door, ask it to leave and tell it, it is not welcome in your home or life any longer.

Put down your white candles in a safe place (NEVER BLOW OUT A CANDLE!! pinch it off, or smother it) Allow the candles to burn themselves out. Then continue with your prayer and put sea salt in the 4 corners of your house ( north south east west) drop a thin line across door ways and windows.

If the house ends up too smoky, you can open some windows and doors, but wait at least 10 minutes with the smoke in the house.

This should make a HUGE difference, even if you cant get it all, you will get a LOT

I recommend doing what I explained with just the candles once a month to keep any negativity from yourself.

You may feel totally drained after this. It is important now that you have cleared your home to fill it with positive energy. Play your music,, ANYTHING that eases your mind and soul, doing things that make you happy will fill the empty space with positive energy.

so do this on a evening where you have a few hours, it doesn't do much to clear the negative out, if you have nothing to fill the empty space when you are done. Go through pictures of things that made you so very happy, anything to bring love and light into your home.

You will notice totally how well it did the first night you go to sleep. Also pay attention to how people react to your home when they walk in. Most often people will comment and say the place seems brighter or bigger. You may also have this experience. Again, should there be something more powerful in your home (You will feel it when you try to clear it) call me, ill try and help you.

NEVER BLOW out your candles. Put them in a safe place to burn out, and if you must put them out, pinch the flame out, but NEVER blow it out