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This button is for use only when buying a different number of minutes that is not listed in the drop down box ONLY after an agreement made by phone or email. It is not for donations

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You can purchase minutes below. Then email me (I get them right away on my phone)to set up a time. Most times I can do the reading that day (between 3pm & 11pm MST, Mon - fri. Sometimes even latter or on weekends email to see if Im free).

OR, call me on my call button. Cost is higher as click4advisor takes a percentage. If it says I'm available you can call and speak to me right NOW! (rate is 3.99 a minute) The link is in the left column under the links

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Each call will be logged and the amount of minutes taken off your account. I will e-mail you an invoice after every call (if there are minutes left in your account). Appointments to be made between 3pm and 10pm MST Mon-Fri. If you need a reading outside those hours email me, some days I am up very late and if I am not busy I will take a phone reading as they are easy to fit in