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Psychic Abilities

Coral C
Coral is an Empath, Spiritual Counselor, Channel, and Clairvoyant first and formost with other abilities as Medium, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, and Pet Psychic. Coral C is a Taurus in western astrology with Scorpio rising and that brings in the intensity. She is a Snake in Chinese Astrology. Coral C has helped people get in touch with loved ones who have passed on, to put their doubts at rest, and to resolve issues left unfinished.

Her natural love of animals and high empathic ability makes her a natural with animals as well as people, on this side and beyond. Her highly tuned empathic sense helps her understand situations Clearly from many sides , as well as allows her to tap into others involved in the clients questions on many levels. This gives the ability to effectively make the changes and enjoy a happier life. Additionally, she has found lost objects, and wonderful at dream analysis.

You will always find her a warm compassionate friend when you call. She is a non judgmental Psychic, and believes there is a place for all of us, with all our difference, in this world. Her specialty is relationships of all kinds.

Coral C has been helping people lead more fulfilling lives since 1987. Let Coral C's senses, guides and Angels help you find the answers you are looking for, and give you a better understanding of the workings in your life. My reading experience is in the areas of stress, transitions, relationships, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, abuse, domestic violence, trauma, grief/loss, addictions, and spiritual/existential concerns. I've also consulted for businesses.

Coral also has ability to do clearings. If such is needed contact her directly for more information..

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